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Do you love American sports just as much as us? If so you have certainly come to the right place! Sports Geek is a site designs specifically for those with a passion for all things sport and in particular American sports, where information is not so readily available outside of the USA. We aim to provide you with a top site and focus our attention on basketball (NBA), ice hockey (NHL) and baseball (MLB). We will let you know everything you need, to make the most of these exciting sports including the who’s who in each league. In addition to all this fantastic information we will let you know how you can bet on these sports and keep up with the latest news and information on your favourite teams. But that’s not all! We have also compiled an easy to use list of the best tried and tested sportbooks and casinos from all across the world. Whether you’re an avid gambler or enjoy the occasional flutter on your favourite team, we have everything you need!

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What is Baseball??

Baseball is the favourite sport of millions of Americans and is considered a national pastime. Although the sport is gaining popularity in countries like .............

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History of Basketball ?

Basketball is the favourite sport amongst many Americans. It was invented in 1891 funnily enough by a Canadian,.....................

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The choice for a bookmaker or a sportsbook can often be a daunting task. Although in some cases it can be case of personal preference here at Sportsgeek.eu we have compiled a list or our recommended sportsbooks and.........

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Online Casinos.

Here you can find a list of our recommended online casinos. These have all been tried and tested by Sportbook.eu and fellow users of the site. We know that choosing the right online casino can be a daunting task so we compiled a list based on reliability, payment methods, quality and variety of games..........

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Payment Methods

Like most alternatives in life there are pros and cons to all common payment methods used for online sports betting and playing in casinos. Here we have reviewed some of our favourite methods and provided links so that ..............

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